Sheltering in place in these unprecedented times isn’t easy. It’s a restrictive and isolating experience even if you’re sheltering in place with family.

One demographic for which these times are especially isolating and frightening is the elderly, many of whom live alone without a family support system nearby. It’s a familiar situation: the aging parent lives alone in the family home that he/she refuses to sell. The children live in other states and cannot look in on their parent on a regular basis. It’s a lonely existence.

Then Covid-19 strikes and the state mandates the closures of churches, senior centers and libraries giving the elderly no place to go for socialization. Grocery delivery is suspended except for online orders (which can take days to receive) and support services are overworked. It can be a scary time for these seniors and the sense of panic can take a toll on their health and well-being. They may also put themselves in harm’s way to survive like driving to the grocery store at a time when they’re potentially exposing themselves to coronavirus or being involved in a car accident to or from the grocery store.

However, families have numerous options that can improve the lifestyle, health and safety of their elderly loved ones, especially in times like these. And its never been a better time to explore the possibilities than the present. As a certified Seniors Real Estate Specialist and advocate for the elderly, I can help seniors and their families find the best solutions to create a healthy and happier lifestyle change. In addition, I can help families whose loved ones are living in severe clutter and hoarding environments.

Let’s explore some of the possibilities. The elderly homeowner can:

  • Sell his/her home and use the equity to make a more positive lifestyle change
  • Move in with their children or move closer to family and friends
  • Move into an independent living, assisted living, memory or skilled nursing community
  • Share living arrangements and expenses with a friend or relative

It can be devastating when a catastrophic event, such as the coronavirus pandemic, interrupts the independence elderly seniors once enjoyed. Too many times children are faced with making lifestyle decisions for them, usually in emergency situations like we’re facing today, that leave no time to consider options or input from aging parents. With my experience in family advocacy, estates and trusts, special needs, and court-appointed and probate situations, I can help you create a strategic plan before you need it that will empower seniors to make their own decisions regarding housing and lifestyle in old age.

If you would like to explore the options available to families or to help you design a strategic plan for an aging loved one, please contact me at craigmernitz@remax.net or call 602-739-2385.

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