We faced lots of obstacles and challenges this year and I think most of us are looking for a fresh start in 2021. To help us get back on track, here are several strategies that could assist us in becoming more productive in the new year.

1. Make Every Moment Count
Use your extra time to check off some of the items on your to-do list. Use time gaps between appointments to clean up
your desktop or inbox.

2. Keep a Tidy Workspace
Most employees say they would get more work done if their workspace was more organized. Minimize clutter by sorting
reports or random papers in magazine holders and shred what you don’t need. Try to declutter at least once a week.

3. Keep Your Goals Front and Center
     Write down your top three priorities each day to achieve larger monthly goals.

4. Reset and Recharge
     To ensure that you’re spending quality time with family and friends as well as at the office, take time out for yourself
first. Prioritize your time by taking walks, picking up a new hobby or taking some days off.

You may also want to try time blocking in which you schedule your days in time segments to focus on specific activities. At the start of each week, schedule non-negotiable activities and urgent tasks first, then schedule everything else around them.

Practice time batching in which you group together similar tasks to maximize your time. For example, schedule time for relaxation and leisure at the end of the workday to motivate you to get everything done. Google Calendar or iCal can help you color code your schedule according to type of event and sync it across all your devices so you always know your next move.

Here’s wishing you Happy Holidays and a very happy and, hopefully, much less stressful 2021!

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