Real estate is a wealth building asset and should be part of your portfolio. Here are some reasons why:

∙In 2020, the average homeowner’s equity increased by $17,000.

∙Homes in today’s market sell for an average of $66,000 above the purchase price.

∙Last year, home values appreciated at their highest levels since 2014.

∙Overall, homeowner equity grew $1 trillion.

If you have the funds and you’re willing to make the commitment, a rental property is a way that real estate can increase cash flow. Long-term rentals provide consistent income over time but require a large commitment. With short-term rentals, you get an upfront return on investment, however, local laws need to be taken into account. Record low interest rates could make mortgages more affordable for those considering an investment property.

This may also be a good time to sell your home this spring. Consider these reasons for putting your home on the market.

∙Pent-up Demand
The pandemic delayed the 2020 spring buying season and now many who waited are ready to get back
into the game.

∙Low Interest Rates
Financing your next home is affordable and attainable with mortgage rates at historic lows.

∙Faster Process
Homes are selling quickly, with new listings spending about 21 days on the market.

∙Solid Home Prices
Low housing inventory and high demand are getting sellers top dollar for their homes.

∙Supply May Increase
As new home construction rises in 2021, prices may begin to stabilize. Sell your property now to get the
right price.

Are you ready to make a move? Call me at 602-739-2385 or email me at and I’ll help you land the home of your dreams and build your equity. Now is a great time to buy or sell!


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